Company Overview
You42 is a social entertainment venue designed around a decentralized ecosystem where creators can engage with fans like never before.

The entertainment industry is fractured. In its analog state, it works in favor of large production houses who are simply masking the reality that they are becoming obsolete. To reach audiences, artists expend more effort jumping through the hoops these houses set up than they do creating content. More often than not, their content is never heard or seen because of the red tape holding them back.

You42 seeks to eliminate this problem by removing the middleman from the equation; no longer is a studio or label needed to bridge the gap between an artist and the audience. You42 is a revolutionary social entertainment platform putting artists and fans in control like never before, enabling new levels of discoverability and success. The platform serves as a venue for distribution, content creation, collaboration and consumption. You42 brings content creators and consumers together, giving creators a new avenue for monetization, and providing rewards and incentives for users. Users can interact through social, music, video, gaming and more, bringing together a variety of consumers.


Job Overview
You42 is looking for an experienced game developer for a short term project. C# Unity experience is a must. Must be able to communicate clearly, meet project deadlines in a timely manner, be detail oriented, and willing to sign an NDA.


● Thorough understanding of and experience working in the Unity Game Engine
● Game Development and creation (integrating animations, sound, effects, etc)
● Creating a working and stable game in a timely manner
● Self management and ability to conform to tight deadlines
● Clear communication skills

Please submit your resume and contact information to

If you are interested in employment opportunities with You42, please send your resume to

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